12 People shot at a house party in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. Empty beer bottles are the only sign an early morning party at a teenager's house in central Fresno was broken up by gun fire.

"It's a shooting involving the largest number of victims to my knowledge of our history in the city of fresno," said police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Dyer said the teens were alerted to the party through text messaging. Two rival tagging crews showed up and started a fight over turf. That fight ended up with two men shooting at least 19 rounds into the crowd. Nine adults and three juveniles were struck in either the arm or leg.

Dyer: "I have no doubt that those people that were shot had no idea that they were at a party where violence was going to break out and they're innocent victims."

5 of the victims were taken by ambulance to Community Regional Medical Center.

7 others drove themselves to the hospital.

None of them was seriously injured.

Still nearby neighbors are worried.

Resident Fatima Prado: "It's a little scary for our kids. Especially knowing that this happened last night after the holidays."

Several neighbors described hearing teenagers talking loudly well into the morning. They also described a car driving down the street and firing multiple shots at a house.

But Dyer said the shots came from inside the home and sent nearly 80 teens running for their lives.

"You can imagine the chaos inside of that house…someone begins to fire. 12 people that are shot. People were trying to get out of the house and neighborhood quickly," said Dyer.

Violent crimes have risen 6% in Fresno this year. That's why Dyer has assigned 8 detectives in special fields such as gang suppression and neighborhood watch to help solve this crime.

Detectives have no one in custody and are not naming suspects at this time.

If you have any information on this shooting you are asked to call Fresno police. 240-1225

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