Fresno Police Auditor Begins Work

November 30, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
The man hired to check the work of the Fresno Police Department started his new job Monday.Eddie Aubrey has an extensive background in law enforcement as a police officer, lawyer, and judge. His job is to investigate internal police matters.

For years, residents have demanded an auditor position be created to investigate officer involved shootings. Aubrey's job comes with several immediate challenges. The city has already eliminated one of three positions in his office.

"But what we're trying to work with there is what we have. And I think what we have is going to be sufficient for this process right now to continue on and really make an impact, establishing that trust and accountability," said Aubrey.

The Fresno City Council will review Aubrey's performance twice a year for two years, then annually after that.