Valley Students Take on Obama's Troop Boost Decision

FRESNO, Calif. Handwritten letters and boxes full of goodies and homemade gifts have been sent to thousands of troops from Kingsburg High School students for the past seven years.

Kingsburg High student Hannah Elsie Floyd said, "It's important to show that we care."

Kingsburg High Senior Allex Brandon said, "It neat to know someone who is fighting for you can know about you and get to interact with them."

Many say this may be an ongoing project following President Obama's decision to send 30 thousand additional troops into Afghanistan ... a cause of debate for graduate students.

Although they are friends these Fresno State students are on opposite sides of the issue.

Shanaz Ahmad said, "I do not support war I think there has been enough loss of lives."

"I think they need to make an effort to make the world a safer place by sending more troops. I fully support his decision," said Sourabh Parulaker.

In the midst of preparing holiday boxes Kingsburg High School students are fully aware the president's decision means a long tough battle.

Floyd said, "It does affect our generation all these people we are sending to are 18 to 23 they are not much older than we are."

But for them it's not about the politics-but rather showing their support and gratitude.

Nearly 155 students participate in the project. Administrators say those students are currently studying Afghanistan's leaders, and decisions made by the Obama and Bush administrations.

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