Four Teens, One Adult Arrested for Security Guards Murder

FRESNO, Calif. Police say the five suspects were drinking beer in a vacant apartment when the security guard tried to break up their party. But that's not when they attacked Rodriguez. At first, they left the apartment and it looked like that was the end of it. But homicide detectives say the four teenagers all lived in the apartment complex and they didn't go away. Rodriguez continued his nighttime patrol and a little while later; the suspects ambushed him, beating him to death with sticks and wooden boards.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said, "Rodriguez was not armed and we are not certain whether he had any opportunity to defend himself. It appears these individuals attacked him -- whether from the front or behind -- but it appeared it was a sudden attack."

Action News talked to witnesses on the scene the next day and they said the beating was so brutal, it sounded like a construction project.

Police arrested 22-year-old Tony Sayachack over the weekend. They arrested his younger brother, a younger cousin, and two other teenagers Tuesday. Police say none of the suspects has any prior criminal history and they don't have any gang affiliations either. But they say the suspects acted with a gang mentality. They're all facing murder charges now.

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