Farmworkers Fired Then Hired and Fired Again

Caruthers, California                   |   Watch Video Above for Extended Coverage   |

The workers had been pruning fields in Caruthers for H&R Gunland Ranch. They filed a complaint with the Agricultural Labor Relations Board last week claiming they got a pay cut from 26 cents a vine to 20 cents. That works out to less than $2.00 an hour for some workers, but they got fired after complaining. Wednesday, they were told they could have their jobs back, and a small raise to go with it. But Thursday, the boss took it back.

Silas Shawver with California Rural Legal Assistance said, "Today in the morning they told the workers that once they finished the block they were working on there was going to be no more work for them."

Action News contacted the grower at H&R Gunland Ranch but he refused comment. Thursday afternoon, the farm workers signed another complaint with the Agriculture Labor Relations Board.

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