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Fresno, California This past weekend in Northwest Fresno 'Tis' the Season' kicked off with another now familiar DUI checkpoint with law enforcement determined to save you from yourself. Fresno Police Sgt. Eric Eide boils it down to one sentence, "If they want to go out and party that's fine, just don't get behind the wheel of a car."

During any DUI check point every driver is scrutinized. Some waved through; others are pulled over to face potential arrest. Or worse those who have been drinking never pass through a checkpoint and go on to kill themselves or others on the road.

Donice Pinegar knows DUI from both sides, "My father and brother had been in accidents and caused people's death. And I've had family member family members that were killed in drunk driving accidents."

Pinegar and her son Jared now run a designated driver service, Safely Home, that drives you along with your car home, "We've got two runs tonight. One's at the Elbow Room and one's a house party." You can make an appointment or just call from the bar or party, "Your car gets home, you get home and you're perfectly safe. Nobody had an accident that day." For $30 dollars your safety and that of others is protected by fully insured drivers who come to you, put you in your own car and drive it home for you.

If you are pulled over at a DUI Checkpoint and then found to be over the limit, the cost can run into the thousands for a first offense. Sgt Eide puts it this way, "We want everyone to have a good holiday. If you drink don't drive!"

Making a responsible choice can save lives. In a late November a suspected drunk driving crash in Fresno took the lives of three teenagers and another remains is in a coma.

It's the kind of result that too often follows a stupid decision and a result you don't get a second chance to undo.

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