Chief Dyer: Delivery Driver Murder 'Random Act of Violence'

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Fresno Police rarely classify a murder as a random act of violence. In this case, investigators say the two murder suspects have no connection to Richard Hernandez and one of them shot Hernandez in cold blood.

Investigators don't understand what motivated two suspects to kill the driver of a beer delivery truck. After a massive search in Central Fresno Monday morning, police arrested 27-year-old Joey Lopez and 20-year-old Christopher Gonzalez. Police say Lopez denied being involved, but Gonzalez gave a statement- saying the two men drove a red truck to a convenience store at Palm and Belmont.

While Gonzalez was using a pay phone, he said Lopez walked out of the truck and fired several shots into Richard Hernandez's back. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said at a press conference, "Hernandez fell to the ground at that time. Gonzalez and Lopez then ran back to the pick up, got inside and drove out of the parking lot."

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says surveillance cameras captured the entire crime on tape. What baffles the police, Hernandez's murder appears to be unprovoked. Dyer said, "There's no indication that the victim knew either Gonzalez or Lopez. What it appears to be at this time is a random act of violence which is rarely seen in murder cases."

Hernandez's worked for Valley Wide Beverage Company- a large wholesaler in Fresno. So far, the company has not commented about Hernandez's murder.

Both murder suspects are in jail. The district attorneys office could file charges in this case as early as Wednesday afternoon.

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