Freezing Weather Causes Havoc in the Valley

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The freeze warning expired at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, but all over the Valley residents woke up to icy and sometimes dangerous conditions.

A 3-car accident on Southbound 41 near 99 tied up the morning commute. It was one of many accidents this morning blamed on black ice on the road.

Leaves and lawns were coated with frost. A winter-like scene greeted schoolchildren at Columbia Elementary School in Southwest Fresno.

The combination of rain and cold weather caused dangerously slick roads. A minivan was left dangling after the driver hit a rail and stopped just short of sliding off a bridge in Downtown Fresno.

"The key is to slow down take time to get where you're going. We've had two (accidents) in five minutes and we can have many, many more if we're not careful," said Officer Robert Brown with the Fresno Police Department.

Officers say black ice or patches of ice on the roadway that can be invisible to drivers are especially dangerous on overpasses and the interstate.

An accident on Highway 41 caused a four car pileup where drivers sustained minor injuries.

After hitting a patch of black ice on Golden State one driver flipped over. He was shaken up, but ok.

"I didn't want to flip over this bridge that's for sure. It's a good thing I just rolled over I'm ok," said Robert Azur.

Azur said bald tires on his car cause him to go into a tailspin.

Officers say before heading out into the cold weather make sure your car is winterized first.

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