Freezing Temperatures Continue in the Valley

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Heating companies are getting calls from customers looking to warm up.

Service technicians are working overtime to accommodate the increase in business. The first cold spell of the year is when many people realize their heater isn't working properly.

Protecting plants is also a priority for many homeowners.

"The plants at your house, what you are going to try to do is take the edge off. You can't protect a lot of the stuff at your house if it's gonna get real deep but if you have citrus and it's in containers, get it up underneath the patio, into the garage. Whatever you can do."

At Belmont Nursery, growers have been working for weeks to prepare for the extreme dip in temperatures. Long spans of 20 something temps can kill even hardy plants.

It's not just plants that are in danger. Some cities like fowler have sent out an automated message reminding people to bring their pets in from the cold.

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