Wheels of Hope Project

FRESNO, Calif. On a chilly winter afternoon kids walking home from school need a warm winter coat. Some have 'em. Some don't. Last year the owner of southwest Fresno car wash decided to give a hundred coats to a nearby school. This year four schools got a visit, Serge Haitayan put it this way, "I decided this year, in this tough environment, to donate around 5-hundred coats to kids of my neighborhood." Fancher Creek Elementary was the first stop for this Santa's helper.

All over the Central Valley the spirit of the holiday season is encouraging people to reach out to one another including a group of so-called 'Elves' in the business of taking care of trucks. Their gift? A slightly used SUV that they lovingly refurbished from top to bottom. Andy Frowsign told us, "As we come together as a group we're able to do things."

We met with four of the nine partners in the 'Wheels of Hope' project. They want a family in need to have a reliable ride explained Frowsign, "We said, let's go, we don't know what 'doin' were. Let's do it. So it kind of grew and transpired and here we are. We have a car and we're gonna give it to a needy family." And this Fresno Select Group of NAPA Auto Care Centers wants you to help find that family. They are taking nominations on line from churches, non-profits and you. The deadline is December 18th and the nominees must have a valid driver's license and the ability to pay for insurance. The SUV will be delivered on December 23rd.

Whether it is coats or safe transportation, the spirit of giving seems to be alive and well.

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