Fresno Delivery Driver Murder Suspects Appeared in Court

FRESNO, Calif. Murder victims are usually killed for some sort of reason or motive. In this case, police call the killing of Richard Hernandez- a random act of violence, which is extremely rare. But with the charges filed in this case-the main suspect will not face the death penalty.

27-year-old Joey Lopez agreed to delay his arraignment Thursday morning. Lopez is accused of shooting and killing Richard Hernandez. The victim drove a beer delivery truck and was about to unload the cargo, when police say Lopez walked up and shot Hernandez for no apparent reason.

ABC 30 Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi calls such crime heinous. Capozzi said, "In this particular case there's no rhyme or reason to what happened, other than someone appeared to be upset or wanted to kill someone."

Capozzi points out- the district attorney alleged no special circumstances in this crime- like murder for financial gain so Lopez is not eligible for the death penalty. Capozzi said, "But under the statute, under the state law now there's no specific provision that allows for a death penalty for a random shooting of another person."

We aren't allowed to show you the face of 20-year-old Christopher Gonzalez in court. Gonzalez also appeared in court. He is charged with being an accessory in the crime- for helping Lopez escape from the scene.

Both defendants delayed their arraignment. They will once again be in court Friday morning where they are expected to plead not guilty.

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