Clovis Subway Owner Punched, Cash Register Stolen

Clovis, Calif. In surveillance footage taken around 2:00 Friday afternoon, you can see a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt walk into a Subway store in Clovis and order a sandwich. Seconds later, he punches the store owner, steals the cash register, and runs away. The owner did not want to speak on camera, but says he has never been robbed before and that the robber only got away with less than one-hundred dollars in cash.

"I mean it's more scary now since more events have happened."

A woman we spoke with works at Beads etcetera, a store just a few doors down from the Subway. Less than two weeks ago, in the middle of the night, someone shattered the front door, and then stole a hundred dollars from the register.

"It happens, you know. It doesn't matter where you work at or where you're at, it can happen at any time."

And earlier this week, in the same shopping center, a woman was walking outside Ernie's Liquors when a man got out of a nearby car and grabbed her purse. Employees in the area blame the lack of security for the problem.

"I think it needs more security this area you know and then all the time make sure you know."

Clovis Police spokesperson Janet Stoll-Lee says these recent robberies are not related, but they are common this time of year.

"This is the season when a lot of people do desperate things because they are desperate. The economy is obviously not a good factor at this point in time. We have robberies that happen in Clovis. Not a lot of them. But they happen."

The company which manages the center says they have hired a security guard. Meanwhile, Clovis Police say they have not added extra patrols to the area, but that their detectives are actively working all three cases.

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