Cocktail Calories can add up During the Holidays

Christmas celebrations might be even more jolly if we didn't gain so much weight; and for many, much of their holiday weight gain comes in liquid form.

Dr. Rebecca Reeves with Baylor College of Medicine said, "I think one of the worst drinks is a chocolate martini. It comes in at 438 calories."

But most people don't drink a chocolate martini. They do drink wine. And wine is a good option: about 100 calories per glass for both red and white wine.

"That would be your lowest calorie drink but how many you drink might be another thing," said Dr. Reeves.

But that's 100 calories for 5 ounces, just over half a cup.

Champagne is also about 100 calories. But watch the egg nog! Egg nog is 230 calories before you add the alcohol. Add that and ice cream and it hits 300 calories!

Adding Kahlua to coffee is 135 calories. An 8 oz margarita will cost you 371 calories! A12 oz beer is 150 calories. Light beer is about 100 calories. Gin & tonic is 143 calories, and shots tequila, rum, vodka or other hard liquor are all about 100 calories.

Dr. Becky Reeves with Baylor College of Medicine, says most people underestimate the hidden calories in mixed drinks. "If you took a 12 oz can of carbonated soda, about 140 calories and you mixed in 1 and a half ounces of hard liquor, remember that's another 100. You're right out 240 and how many of these are you going to drink in an evening?"

A bloody Mary, at 120 calories, is half the calories of other mixed drinks. "You need to be aware of the calories you're drinking. And this is what most people have no idea about.

The more you don't gain during holiday parties, the happier you'll be when looking at the scale in January!

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