FUSD Completes Largest Wireless Projects in State

California News Will Kimbley said, "It's cool. They love playing on computers this is their thing. Every aspect of their life has something to do with electronics."

6th Grade Math Teacher will Kimbley says using netbooks, and classroom technology helps his students build a better connection to subject matter.

"They are much more engaged, especially when you seen results. You got it right you got it wrong. You get points," said Kimbley.

Now all of the four-thousand classrooms at Fresno Unified have wireless access.

Kurt Madden said, "With the access you have resources that are unlimited."

Kurt Madden Chief Technology Officer at Fresno Unified says instead of paying three-million dollars for the project it cost 300-thousand after using a government discount. However he says purchasing computers for all 75-thousand students is more than the budget will allow.

"Our goal is in three or four years that with the district PCs and ones that students and parents purchase that every kid would have a notebook," said Madden.

The district is now partnering with Western Blue. In November the company opened Mini-Blue, the student laptop store in Northwest Fresno. Here parents, students and teachers can purchase mini notebooks at the districts discounted prices.

Madden said, "We are determined even in tough budget times to give our teachers resources they need and students the resources they need to stay connected."

The store is a club where FUSD members have to show their id to purchase mini-netbooks normally priced around $500 dollars for $300 to $350 dollars.

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