Holiday Shoppers Cautious with Spending

Fresno, California With 12 days left until Christmas, people spent the weekend completing their shopping lists, or in some cases, just getting started.

Samantha Cole, an assistant manager at Target at River Park says sales have been steady, and that a few days of rain did not slow shoppers down.

"It's been insanely busy. The rain, I thought might affect us foot traffic wise, but absolutely not. We're really busy. Yesterday we had all twenty lanes going," said Cole.

In an Exclusive Action News Poll Conducted by SurveyUSA, 9-percent of you say you will spend more on gifts this year, 60-percent will spend less and 30-percent will spend about the same.

When the same question was asked last year, 12-percent of you said you were planning to spend more, 54-percent said they would spend less, and 31-percent said about the same.

And as far as how you'll be paying for those gifts, 69-percent of you said you will use cash or a debit card, and 29-percent said a credit card.

Last year, 72-percent of you said cash or debit, and 25-percent said credit. But despite how much people are spending, and what they're using to make those purchases, several people we spoke to say the most important thing this year is keeping the true spirit of Christmas alive.

Pat Ware said, "We don't go all out on Christmas, anyway. We usually try to get special gifts for Christmas and remember what the holiday is all about. It's not always about the gifts."

Our poll also asked people how far along they are with their Christmas shopping. More than a quarter of you say you haven't even started.

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