Garrido's Lawyer Accused of Talking about Case

Philip and Nancy Garrido appeared in an El Dorado County courtroom Friday. The hearing was to figure out what to do about Nancy Garrido's lawyer.

Gilbert Maines is accused of talking about the case while drunk at his golf club, and boasting about plans to write a book about the couple.

The hearing ended with no decision about Maines.

Afterwards, he denied any wrongdoing. "One, I never got drunk or obnoxious. Two, I never discussed this case when I'm drinking or at all, ever, period and I certainly do not discuss anything having to do with a client, period, ever."

Maines is still technically Nancy Garrido's attorney until another attorney is brought in to represent her. But he's not allowed to visit his client, and he's been advised to keep his public comments brief.

Another hearing has been scheduled for January 21st.

The Garridos have pleaded not guilty to a series of felony charges, including forcible rape and kidnapping of a minor.

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