Valley Prepares for More Rain

FRESNO, Calif. Despite rain in the forecast, employees from Fresno's Parks and Recreation department were busy putting the final touches on their float for downtown Fresno's 80th annual holiday parade.

"Kids don't mind. They like getting wet and we'll go out there and have a good time. If the flowers wilt, that's all right."

Close to 90 entries are scheduled to participate in Saturday's parade. City officials say unless the weather becomes a safety hazard, they have no plans to cancel the event.

"If there's a torrential downpour, we've got lightning and those types of things but the forecasts do not show that. The forecasts show that we have good conditions in the morning hours so we feel pretty good about it."

Kerman officials aren't as optimistic. The rainy weather caused them to cancel their annual Christmas parade ... and are hoping to reschedule it next Saturday.

Meanwhile, in Clovis, officials have sandbags stacked up at their maintenance yard on Los Altos Avenue.

Residents have access to ten free bags. But the yard remained mostly empty Friday. People who live in Clovis say a few days of rain has already given them time to prepare for another storm. Some even admit.

"It's great. I like the rain."

"Why do you like the rain so much? Because I like to jump in puddles."

Saturday's parade starts at 10:00a.m. on Tulare and Van Ness, eventually making its way here to city hall.

As for storm preps, city officials say they have road crews on standby in case of flooding. If there are flooding problems in your neighborhood, you can call 621-CITY.

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