Community Supports Pat Hill's Contract Extension

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It appears many of Coach Hill's detractors have changed their minds, at least according to our exclusive Action News poll conducted by Survey-USA.

Out on the recruiting trail, Pat Hill can now tell prospective players he is staying put at Fresno State beyond 2010. John Wallace chairs the Bulldog Foundation Board, which raises funds for Fresno State athletics. Wallace said, "In this day of social media word gets out on the street about your coach is in limbo, that doesn't sit well with recruits and their families."

Our exclusive Action News poll conducted by Survey-USA showed 81-percent think Pat Hill's contract should have been extended.

Hill gets paid between 900-thousand and 1-point-2 million dollars, depending on incentives.

The poll also showed only 19-percent felt Hill should get a raise. 29-percent felt he should take a pay cut while a whopping 48-percent said Hill should maintain his current salary.

Fresno State says details of Pat Hill's contract extension won't be worked out until after the new year. John Wallace said, "My personal opinion would be, because I see it in other workplaces, it's almost like a commission, incentives. They call it incentives. It's like a commission in sales. You produce and you get more coffee beans in your cup."

Under Hill's current contract, a spot in a BCS bowl would earn him a 250-thousand dollar bonus.

On campus, some students struggling with rising tuition costs still supported a pay hike for Hill. Fresno State junior Ambika Morris explained, "The athletic department does provide a means for a lot of students who can't pay or wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for that department. So if giving them the opportunity means paying a little more then I'm for that."

Pat Hill is now in his 13th season with Fresno State. He has led the Bulldogs to ten bowl games.

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