Pot Dealers Last Minute Plea in Tulare County

Visalia, Calif. Jeff Nunes pleaded with the Tulare County Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning to reconsider a new medical marijuana ordinance they passed which ultimately is forcing the shutdown of medical marijuana distributors in Tulare County.

Jeff Nunes said, "I commission more research and meetings with these groups before we close these medical marijuana distribution centers down."

Tulare County Sheriff's Deputies served compliance notices to seven medical marijuana operators giving them ten days to comply with the new ordinance.

The law essentially requires them to shutdown until there is no conflict between state and federal regulations. Right now, medical marijuana is allowed in California, but it violates federal law.

If the medical marijuana operations don't shut down within the ten day period the sheriff's office says the owners could face arrest or a possible forced shut down.

That's a risk Jeff Nunes is already preparing for.

Nunes said, "We're trying to get everything prepared especially if there's jail time I mean there's going to be time away from my family time away from my job."

Nunes says his operation-- Visalia Compassionate Care-- is in compliance with state law and wants to keep it open. He says they serve more than 400 patients.

"We have AIDS, cancer glaucoma specicity there are many elements that cannabis treats especially mental like parkinson kuntington's disease," said Nunes.

Captain Mike Boudreaux with the Tulare County Sheriff's Office says if medical marijuana operations refuse to close down, they'll submit the case to the district attorney's office, and the distributors could face state and federal charges.

Capt. Boudreaux said, "Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case and if the DA's office felt there was sufficient evidence to support a prosecution there is a possibility of that yes."

Visalia compassionate care and six other medical marijuana operations could be shut down as early as Sunday.

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