Sex Offender's Arrest Revives Woman's Nightmare

FRESNO, Calif. Jacob Armijo was taken into custody after a young girl showed up at the hospital with her mom -- claiming Armijo molested her.

Sheriff's investigators have interviewed the woman who we tracked down. She says the latest allegations have resurrected her pain all over again.

When the Fresno woman saw the picture of a man accused of molesting a nine-year-old girl ... her heart dropped. She says 40 year old Jacob Armijo sexually abused her close to 20 years ago. She said, "The fact that it happened to someone else, in a way I felt at fault for it at first but um I'm really not the person to blame. It's him that's sick and he's the one who needs to be behind bars."

In the video above Action News is not showing her face since the alleged crime is sexual in nature. She says Armijo molested her for about a year at a home in Central Fresno.

By the time she came forward several years later, she says investigators told her they didn't have enough evidence to file charges. She describes Armijo as cold and calculating, "He wants what he wants and he does what he does and it's kinda like he has no emotion towards the person that's being molested."

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office arrested Armijo Monday after a nine-year-old came forward saying she'd been a victim. The district attorney's office has not filed charges at this point.

The sheriff's office tells Action News, "We've been asked to do follow up work on certain aspects of the case. We are still pursuing charges. The DA's office is working closely with us."

Fresno Police say Armijo has been a registered sex offender since 1992. But he recently failed to re-register and since his prior conviction was not a felony, police didn't pursue him.

Deputy Chief Keith Foster with the Fresno Police Department explained, "We've arrested him previously for misdemeanor indecent exposure so his sex crimes are that of misdemeanor. We have a large caseload where we are looking for felony sex offenders. Certainly he wasn't one of our priorities."

Decades after the alleged offenses, the woman, now in her 20's says she has never forgotten what happened and it's changed the course of her life. She hopes Armijo is brought to justice in this latest case.

Now investigators working the case believe there could be more victims. They are asking anyone with any information to come forward. Unless charges are filed, Armijo could again be set free within the next few days.

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