Christmas Tree Safety and Disposal

FRESNO, Calif. They say the main concern should be your Christmas tree, making sure it gets enough water so that it doesn't dry out easily and most important, putting it in a safe place.

Fire officials also say you should make sure the tree isn't blocking an exit and replace any string of lights with damaged cords or loose bulb connections.

They also suggest that you don't use more than three strings of lights on one tree. If you have an artificial Christmas tree to be sure that it is fire retardant.

The City of Fresno also wants to make sure you know what to do with your tree after the holidays.

If you live in Fresno, your Christmas tree will need to be cut up and stripped down before Fresno waste management will haul it away for you.

Whole trees left curb-side or stuffed into trash cans will not be picked up.

The city ask that you cut your tree into sections no larger than 3 ft each, remove all of the decorations, and put the tree pieces into your green waste can.

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