EdeniQ Awarded Grant from U.S. Department of Energy

Visalia, California Adrian Galvez said, "Anything from curbside green waste that we have to all the orchard waste, the wood waste and all the agricultural products that are grown in the Valley."

When using corn, EdeniQ removes the protein from the kernel so it can still be used for feed ... the rest of the corn is used to produce ethanol.

"Basically the stock and the leaves and the cobs and those kind of things," said Galvez.

Using specific nutrients, enzymes and yeast developed in their lab-- EdeniQ says it can turn wood chips and even thick sludge into ethanol.

Technology Director Michael Guerini said, "So right now in the big tank what we have is this sort of material which is as you can see a real dense sludge almost what you might find at the city pond by running thru it our process what we're able to do is convert it into a liquid sugar form."

That sugar is then used to produce ethanol. Right now, /*EdeniQ*/ is producing ethanol from biomass with a 250-liter tank.

By next year, they'll finish designing a larger-scale pilot plant ... and it will be built right behind this distillation plant at EdeniQ's office in Visalia.

Galvez says they'll hire more than 20 people to help run the plant which hopes to be up and running in the next two years.

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