Pizza Parlor Robbery in Central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. Armed robberies have been keeping the department busy lately, but police say there are new things being done to reduce these types of crimes.

"Maybe somebody got some money or something, but nobody got hurt. I'm really grateful for that," said eyewitness Martin Young.

Young was standing outside this Central Fresno bar Sunday night, when he saw two men running from the nearby Hungry Howie's Pizza.

Seconds later, he said an employee ran out, looking distraught.

"I walked back into the bar and hung out for a minute and I came out and I saw the helicopter flying around and the cops doing their thing."

Fresno police say two unmasked men walked into Hungry Howie's around 7:30 p.m. When an employee asked what they wanted, one of the suspects pulled out a handgun.

"And he said we want the money. At that point, one of the men hopped the counter and went to the register and took an undisclosed amount of money."

The suspects left on foot, and Fresno police quickly started searching the area.

Sunday's robbery is one of several that have occurred in the Fresno area over the past few days. City wide, there have been 30 robberies in the past week. In the last month, there have been 117. Last year during the same time period, there were 90. That's a 30-percent increase.

Lieutenant Gregg Sanders with the Fresno Police Department says the increase in robberies is a sign of the times. Still he insists the department is combating the problem.

"We have an operation underway that I'm not at liberty to speak about at this time, and we're doing some things to combat the crime out here."

Police said they were unsure of any surveillance footage from tonight's robbery.

The two suspects do match similar descriptions from other robberies that have occurred this week, but at this point, police are not saying whether they're related.

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