Madera County Drive-Flu Clinic

Madera, CA Jennifer Crowder had some time on her hands Monday so she went to get an H1N1 flu shot. "This was fantastic. This was great. Pain-free. Drive-thru. You don't even have to get out of the car," she said.

Drive-thru flu shot clinics are not new in Madera, but this is the first H1N1 drive-thru offered by county health officials.

Resident Joel Moses said, "I'm at risk because I'm over 50 and I'm also diabetic so I need to get a shot."

Nearly 3,000 vaccines were made available to all residents … both in the injectable and nasal spray form. Health Director Carol Barney said it's critical people get vaccinated, since experts believe a second wave of sickness is coming early in 2010.

Barney said, "When people return back to their work and school they may get it because they've been exposed when they were in a different location."

Every Wednesday there is a flea market at the fairgrounds. White lines indicate where people set up their booths. Hundreds of people show up and that's why Madera County health officials want to target them next.

"So as more vaccine becomes available we hope to be having a clinic there also," said Barney.

That could be as early as January.

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