Let's Bring Them Home!

FRESNO, Calif. When we caught up with the Millers, 5 year old Makayden and her ten year old sister Madalynn were about as happy as two little girls can be. Their Daddy arrived home to Fresno from his training base in Virginia two nights ago, dodging the foul weather that almost cancelled his trip. His wife Maryleigh said, "The girls, my children, are so happy; it's just the best thing. I cried when he got off the plane my little one didn't know what to do." Maryleigh herself is in the late months of a high risk pregnancy. Having her husband home to finally see an ultrasound of the baby is an "a blessing".

With money tight airfare was impossible until she found the website - Let's Bring Them Home. Only low pay grade service members are eligible for free round trip airline tickets to get home for the holidays. A service this Army National Guardsman is grateful for, "I was just so happy to be home to see my girls, my wife ... my soon to be son."

When we spoke with Elizabeth Montgomery we learned she volunteered at the organization and is herself an Air force wife and was herself raised in the military, "I know what it's like from the eyes of s a child not to have your parent with you on the holidays and from the eyes of a mother looking at her kids and knowing how it hurts to be away from their Dad."

The organization has brought home more than 1-hundred-50 service members who are stationed in the U.S. this holiday season, like Miller. His wife explained that, "their goal is to get as many soldiers home for Christmas as donations will allow." And that includes her husband. LBTH accepts donations of money and/or frequent flyer miles.

As we left their home Miller was back in uniform and headed out the door. While he's home this soldier pitching in at the local recruiter's office and earning a few extra days off down the line. Saying goodbye for the afternoon is a lot easier than for months on end, "Give me a kiss, I'll be back later. I love you."

For the next 2 weeks, when he leaves his family knows he'll be back. But come early January he will return to his Fort Etuis in Virginia to complete his training. He hoped to be home in time for his son's birth. "I love my country and I want to protect the freedoms that I have, that we all have, for my kids, the future."

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