Fresno Travelers See No Increase in Security

FRESNO, Calif. Passengers coming in from New York, Dallas and Los Angeles were spoken to. Some had heard about some kind of incident on a plane, but none with saw any evidence of heightened security.

It appeared to be a normal holiday travel day at Fresno Yosemite International Airport. Security did not appear to have been increased, and passengers said they didn't notice any changes, or at other aiports they've been through.

When asked if she noticed anything abnormal one passenger replied, "I did not, no, not from my flight from JFK to LAX, or LAX from LAX to here. No," said Cathy Hughes.

"No, nothing different at all. I mean they did all the same stuff," said Colleen Carlson of Visalia.

"I came in from New York City to Los Angeles, to home," said Scott Woods of Clovis.

When asked if he noticed any increased security, he replied "No, there was none at all. Very quick, very fast, very quiet."

"It wasn't anything different, we didn't notice, it was actually really quick which was nice," said Cynthia Woods of Clovis.

City airport administrators were not willing to comment on the local situation.

Fresno Airport police said they were not aware of any local security alerts. The Transportation Safety Administration, which would be responsible for making such alerts would not comment on what additional security measures, if any are being taken.

"Well, I don't really believe we're secure. If somethings gonna happen it's gonna happen. I think the stuff they put us through is a ridiculous waste of time most of the time."

Only minimal security increases have been observed at the airport s in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland.

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