Sheriff's Deputy Busted in DUI Had Suspended License

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Hillis was driving on a suspended license when he lost control and hit the center divider. His driving privileges were revoked in March of 2009. And Thursday night we're finding out more about substance abuse problems Hillis has had in the past.

Fresno Police are waiting on toxicology results to see what Deputy Brian Hillis had been taking when he went on a dangerous driving journey through Clovis, Fresno and Selma.

According to reports just released when Hillis was interviewed at the hospital, he told investigators quote, "I am the fast driver trying to get home too fast and cut a car off and hit the median."

The report shows Hillis told officers he had taken a prescription drug called Klonopin also referred to as Clonazepam. It's a powerful sedative that can be addictive. He told investigators he takes it to help him sleep and for nervousness. He also said he had taken a medication called "Inderal."

Pictures from his MySpace page show a different side of Hillis and so do court records Action News found from 2007. Hillis' former wife declared under oath the deputy had been in rehab over the past two years. She accused him of alcohol and possibly other drug abuse. A judge ordered him to continue outpatient rehab and attend alcoholics or narcotics anonymous meetings. It's unknown whether he completed treatment.

Also that year ... Hillis' friend was involved in a DUI accident in his Dodge Durango. His car was uninsured at the time. In the video above you can see damage done to the truck the Durango rear ended. Police reports reveal officers found two loaded firearms inside the SUV. Both were registered to Hillis. The driver told them her boyfriend; Deputy Hillis gave her one for safety.

After Wednesday's accident, Hillis told traffic officers he had no recollection of driving in Selma. He also told officers he thought he had a medical condition. He said he was, "falling asleep while driving home and had the windows down and stereo turned up." He also stated he was "Slapping himself in the face all to keep him awake."

Charges will likely be added of driving on a suspended license since his driving privileges were revoked earlier this year.

His license was suspended for unpaid child support. Our attempts to contact Hillis were unsuccessful. He's facing misdemeanor DUI charges and on paid leave pending a Sheriff's Office investigation.

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