Car Crashed into Don Pepe's Taqueria

FRESNO, Calif. Police say the car smashed into the building, shearing off a gas line at the restaurant. It created a hazardous problem for police and firefighters.

Battalion Chief Chuck Tobias with the Fresno Fire Department said, "Yeah, we evacuated the building that was directly next door and yes, they were in danger as well as drivers passing by this site."

Firefighters and gas company crews eventually got the gas turned off after shutting down streets near the intersection.

The car had been parked, still running at a nearby business with only a passenger inside. The vehicle jumped out of gear -- and took off -- but the passenger hit the accelerator -- instead of the brake -- and the car went crashing into the building.

Luckily -- no one was hurt in the accident ... and the restaurant was closed for Christmas.

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