Valley Travelers Hesitant To Fly

The Homeland Security Department is promising tightened security at American airports which could cause some trouble as travelers return home after the holidays.
FRESNO, Calif. At this point, we haven't noticed any significant changes here at Fresno's airport but international travelers we spoke to said they experienced different security measures on their way home.

After spending the holidays in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Toni Reichmann and her family returned home to Fresno Saturday and experienced some security-related delays.

"Um, it was just a little bit different where we had to do the purses and the wands. They didn't do that before," said

The Reichmanns were also asked to check in three hours prior to their flight, as opposed to two, and they spent an hour and a half going through customs. "Cause on the way there, it was easy. Coming back, it was different."

On Friday, a Nigerian man boarded a Detroit bound international flight and attempted to blow it up using a homemade device.

Since then, airlines have implemented new safety measures.

Some will not allow passengers to have anything in their lap or use the bathroom an hour before landing.

Right now, those new rules apply to mostly international flights.

Jane Riddle of Coarsegold says she didn't notice any changes on her flight from Portland to Fresno.

"We went through the security lines, everything I expected, took off my coat, put my purse on the conveyor belt, put my shoes on the conveyor belt."

But defense experts say at some point, we will all experience tightened security measures when we travel.

"And I think we're going to see more profiling whether you like it or not, and two, we're going to have to have more body searches, full body x-rays because somebody has found a way to put an explosive on one's person."

Travelers we spoke to say they understand new measures have to be taken.

What they don't understand is how authorities didn't foil Friday's attempted terrorist plot before it happened.

"It surprises me that with what seems like extraordinary security measures to me, that some guy can still get by it. I'm really surprised by it."

The Department of Homeland Security says they will add safety measures to all domestic and international flights.

But at this point, they're focused on flights arriving in the US from international locations.

They also warn travelers to report any suspicious behavior.

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