Winter Storm Causes Travel Delays

Fresno, CA Snow is covering parts of 44 different states this weekend.

Across the Midwest, This was dig-out day.

"What do you think of this weather? "It sucks. (chuckles)"

The storm buried Minnesota in up to two feet of snow …

Digging out one car was hard enough, but at this dealership, there were 75 …

"Typical snowy day in Minnesota. Been here since one o'clock in the morning, plowing and digging cars out," said Evan Church, Lupient GMC Buick Pontiac.

At the Minneapolis impound lot, hundreds of furious drivers came for their car, which were towed over Christmas so plows could clean streets...

"They tow me at 9 this morning, and then it's still not plowed."

"For three hours, 138 dollars. It's ridiculous, dude. "

After battering the central US for days, killing more than 20 drivers on slick roads, the storm is now bringing rain and ice to the east.

"Flash flooding, street flooding can be a threat as the snow starts to melt throughout the course of Sunday," said Katie Fehlinger, Meteorologist.

Saturday, the weather caused average delays of more than an hour at New York's JFK Airport, nearly two hours at Newark, and more than three hours at O'Hare. A parting shot from a post-Christmas storm many won't soon forget.

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