Bay Area Police arrest ex-girlfriend in woman's death

Police say Jennifer Bautista of Sunnyvale is a person of interest who may know something about the death of 20-year-old Norma Leticia Martinez.

December 30, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
Wednesday night police made an arrest in the death of a South Bay woman. Jennifer Bautista is now accused of murder instead of being just a person of interest. Police claim she is responsible for the death of her ex-girlfriend, Letty Martinez. As of late Wednesday night, Jennifer Bautista was still being processed. She will be booked into the Santa Clara County jail for homicide.

After an eight-hour-long interrogation, San Jose police decided Bautista should be booked for homicide. The 19-year-old is accused of killing her on-again off-again girlfriend, Martinez, Monday morning.

"I know, everybody knows she did it," said Nena Estrada, the victim's sister.

Estrada misses her sister. The two were close and they lived on Michigan Avenue together. It was from in front of the apartment complex, that police believe Martinez was dragged or pulled by a car, for several blocks. Her body was found near a church. Martinez died a short time later.

"My sister had no enemies, what so ever. Everybody loved my sister. So I know Jennifer had something to do with it. Even if she wasn't driving the vehicle, she had something to do with it," said Estrada.

Bautista was the last person to have contact with Martinez. They were seen fighting moments before Martinez was found. At a candle light vigil last night, the victim's family asked Bautista come forward and speak with police. They had been looking for her since Monday. However, Wednesday, patrol officers pulled Bautista over near the Santa Clara County fairgrounds.

She then agreed to answer homicide investigators questions without an attorney.

"Hopefully the homicide detectives will be able to make that determination of exactly what happened," said San Jose Officer Jermaine Thomas.

Police did not say why Jennifer Bautista went from being a person of interest to their number one suspect.

Bautista could be arraigned as soon as Thursday. Otherwise, her court date will be pushed out until Monday.