Dos Palos Family Victims of a Twisted Criminal

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The parents of Rosie Mack said a man claiming to be a man named Benny Gallo offered to pay for their daughter's funeral after she died earlier in December. But the bills went unpaid, and they soon learned the man was actually named Ben Ford.

Police said the 44-year-old has a long criminal history. They believe he pretended to be a generous member of the well-known Gallo family so other business associates in town would trust him with their money.

Gale Mack said, "I was in awe, totally in awe, because this man said he was going to pay it all. Then when we found out that it wasn't paid for, we were just crushed."

Ford was arrested on Christmas Eve for a parole violation. He may now face added fraud charges and even one count of elder abuse.

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