Clovis Mobile Home Community Suffers Without Gas

Clovis, Calif. Most of the residents most likely will not receive any help until Monday.

The majority of the residents at the Woods mobile home community are seniors living on fixed incomes.

Any serious change, like shutting off the gas, can create serious problems, especially when they cannot cook at home, keep warm or even bathe.

Frank Turner and his wife Evelyn have not had a fresh shower, clean dishes or heat inside their home since Wednesday.

"We think it stinks. It stinks," shouted Turner.

They are relying on two small heaters they got from their daughter and blankets. Turner said it was "colder than hell."

It's the same story down the block at Veta Kelly's house.

She said New Year's day will be remembered covered head to toe with gloves, a sweater and several blankets.

"It's pretty inconvenient because we can't bath or anything but we do have electric so we can use the microwave and that helps a lot," said Kelly.

70 homes on the Northeast side of the Woods mobile home community in Clovis are all without gas.

The problem started on Wednesday when PG&E discovered a gas leak under space 105 and ordered the line shut down. But the group that came in to repair this problem did not have the proper parts.

Neighbors were notified early New Year's day the repair company, Park Utilities, would not be out right away.

Turner read from a managerial notice: "'…more than likely Park Utilities will not be able to get the parts and make the repairs until Monday.' Oh for gods sake!"

Woods manager Linda Kujath was unavailable for a camera interview but said helping Park Utilities locate the necessary parts to fix the gas leak on New Year's Eve was impossible.

To help, Kujath purchased several space heaters.

Kelly: "Bless her heart, she's trying to make everybody happy."

But not everyone thinks enough is being done.

"Furnace is off. The hot water heater is off. Everything is off. I'm about off too," exclaimed a disgruntled Turner.

The manager hopes to turn the gas back on by Saturday but said in all likelihood the parts necessary will not arrive until Monday.

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