88 Year Old Clovis Woman Dies From Car Running Over Her

Clovis, Calif.

It happened in the area of Barstow and Temperance around 9-o'clock Friday morning. Police are reconstructing the scene to make sure that this was simply an accident.

This is the second incident in Clovis in the last six months in which a person walking down the street was hit and killed.

Residents said the victim Hich Mai was well known in the neighborhood.

Saturday afternoon Clovis residents on McKelvy off of Barstow found out 88-year-old Hich Mai had died. Mai knew these people because she walked the neighborhood daily.

"A fixture in the neighborhood, a pleasant lady. Very sad. Very sad for the family," said Matt Pendola of Clovis.

On Friday Mai was walking through a cul de sac when the driver of a pickup backed up into her. She was rushed to Clovis Community Hospital with serious injuries and died Saturday morning.

Because Friday's incident became a death, investigators are going back over the information with witnesses and the driver of the car.

"We need to eliminate the question was it an obstructed view? What you see? What you didn't see? So that's why we're here today," said Sgt. Alex Campos, Clovis Police. Sgt. Campos believes by all accounts this was an accident, "It's pretty straight forward. Vehicle's backing out of a driveway."

A similar incident happened in June when a 63-year-old woman was walking her dog near the intersection of Sylmar and Mitchell when a driver backed over her, killing her.

Meanwhile residents say they will miss seeing Mai walking around the neighborhood. "It's a horrible and very bad situation," said Pendola.

Police do not plan to charge the driver with a crime.Mai's son did not want to comment on camera except to say the family is in the process of planning the funeral.

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