UCSF Fresno Offers Free Medication Management Service

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More Information:
UCSF Medication Management Service
155 N. Fresno St.
Downtown Fresno
Free - Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Appointments and information: mms.ucsf.edu

Mrs. Atterberry's daughter-in-law contacted the White House and asked if the President and First Lady could send a birthday card to her mother-in law.

Much to Mrs. Atterberry's surprise, a card came ... wishing her the very best on her birthday ... and honoring her as a witness to great milestones in the nation's history.

It was signed, Barack and Michelle Obama.

Magnolia Atterberry said, "Oh at first, I thought it was somebody playing a trick on me. But it wasn't. After that excitement, Dr. Nkansah wants to make sure her patient is back on a normal routine through a medication management program at the Downtown Fresno medical offices of the University of San Francisco.

Dr. Nkansah said to Atterberry, "I'm concerned that if you are continuing to take this and not eating very well.

The program is especially helpful for patients like Mrs. Atterberry, who must keep track of several prescriptions.

Dr. Nkhansah said, "We look at all of their different medicines, their over-the-counter medicines, their supplements and herbals and we evaluate whether or not the medications are working at their best ... whether or not there are any safety issues".

Action News Anchor Margot Kim shows how patients can get their medications organized to make sure they take the right pill at the right time. The medication management system uses a series of envelopes, labeled for each part of the day. Patients simply take each envelope, tear it open and take the pills inside.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 12th, UCSF Fresno will offer a free medication consultation clinic regardless of insurance coverage and even without coverage.

For patients like Mrs. Atterberry, the service has helped keep her healthy and happy to celebrate her recent birthday with a presidential pat on the back.

The free medication management clinic will be held tomorrow at the "UCSF School of Pharmacy" office in Downtown Fresno.

Appointments are recommended.

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