Hanford Girl Hit by Train but Saves Friend

Hanford, Calif. Jazzlyn Crawford described the incident, "When the first train went by, we started walking. We stepped on the first track, and then she turned and pushed me off and then she got hit."

Callahan doesn't remember shoving Crawford or even being hit by the train. She was knocked out by the impact.

"I don't know I just kind aremember like turning and seeing something like big like right by me and then I was just on the ground bleeding." Callahan said. She adds, "And then I was like, Jazzlyn, what happened? And she said, "You got hit by a train." And I was like, "Are you serious?" And she said, "Oh my God your head is bleeding," and I touched it and my hands were like covered with blood and I'm freaking out and screaming."

Jazzlyn said Stephanie saved her life. Stephanie was rushed to a Hanford hospital, but her injuries were not serious. She has ten stitches in her ankle and ten staples in the back of her scalp, along with some other cuts and bruises.

But her family and best friend are grateful she survived. He father, Danny Callahan said the incident "Scared him to death," but said he thanks God his daughter is all right.

Jazzlyn put it this way, "I feel blessed that she's not dead or anything."

The tracks the girls were crossing are only a block from their school. The school district said they do not post crossing guards at the rail crossing.

Stephanie and Jazzlyn said after their brush with death they will never walk across those tracks again.

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