Larry Westerlund Announces Run for Congress

FRESNO, Calif. Fresno City Councilmember Larry Westerlund thinks he has more to offer than the three other republicans already off and running.

Just four days ago, Larry Westerlund of District four was voted council president, even as rumors were flying that he was going to run for congress.

Monday morning he made it official telling Action News he will compete in the Republican Party primary as an outsider not handpicked by those with money, "I don't think that the power brokers and the back room people should be picking who's going to be the congressional representative out of the 19th district."

Westerland, who said he lived in the 19th Congressional District until January of 2008, joins a formidable field of three seeking the office:

State senator Jeff Denham: Congressman Radanovich's choice to replace him

Former congressman Richard Pombo: Supported by Valley Congressman Devin Nunes

Former Fresno Mayor Jim Patterson

The key to winning said Political Analyst Don Larson is money. He also said Westerlund will need a lot of money to make him known outside of Fresno County, "He has to go out and raise as much money as he can because he has to be able to sell his ideas and I think he has to take a position that he has something to offer."

Westerlund said his military service on active and reserve duty makes him uniquely prepared for today's House of Representatives. And he adds his campaign fundraising is building a war chest thanks to supporters wanting a new kind of republican in office, "They're so fed up with incumbents at the state, and at the federal level that there's a lot of support. And I've been able to talk to a lot of people who willing to back me financially."

Tuesday the candidate, who calls himself the underdog outsider, heads to the northern parts of the sprawling 19th district looking for everyday voters who share his views.

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