Bullard HS Grad is a Finalist for Doritos Super Bowl Commercial

FRESNO, Calif. Thanks to Doritos, one Bullard High School grad may get the chance to "Crash the Super Bowl" with his very own commercial on Super Bowl Sunday.

Depending on what team you're rooting for-- the game is fun to watch. But for some football fans, the commercials are just as big a part of the Super Bowl tradition.

"Some of them are funny some of them are-- ehhh-- but I enjoy them," said football fan Olivia Gonzalez.

"They are brand new," said Roy Arias. "They highlight and said this is the new stuff and you look forward to it, cause they're really funny."

Doritos made its commercial a contest again this year that Bullard High School grad, Joelle De Jesus could not pass up. "I'm very competitive and I saw this as the ultimate challenge."

De Jesus, who now lives in Hollywood, came up with a 30 second Doritos commercial about an overprotective son.

The commercial-- made on a $80 budget, won him a pair of super bowl tickets and a $25-thousand dollar prize as a top-six finalist. Since then, the media attention has been surreal.

"I can't tell you when I had all this ... oh yeah-- never. I'm still taking it all in," said De Jesus.

So is his proud family in Fresno.

"This is his first big thing that he's done that has shown fruit, so we're excited," said his sister Gretchen Sandaña.

The public will decide which three Doritos commercials will air during the super bowl game.

"Definitely anything people in Fresno can do for me-- go to crashthesuperbowl.com and vote-- House Rules."

And if you can't remember the name of the commercial-- just remember this: "Keep your hands off my mama; keep your hands off my Doritos."

If de Jesus' commercial "House Rules" wins as the favorite Super Bowl commercial-- he could win up to $2-million dollars.

And even you can win by voting. Every day, Doritos will give away a pair of super bowl tickets ... so vote every day until January 31st.

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