Valley Churches Donating to Haiti Quake Victims

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Bottled water is coming in by the case-- at Saints Rest Baptist Church in Southwest Fresno. Members said they are answering the churches call for water, shoes, and Tylenol to help the people of Haiti.

Even the youngest members of the community are pitching in.

Pastor Shane Scott along with a nurse from the congregation are making plans to fly to Haiti as soon as possible.

The Fresno Diocese is calling on its 88 catholic parishes to donate funds. Deacon Jesse Avilla said there are 1.2 million catholic's in the Fresno Diocese. He said parishioners raised close to 800-thousand dollars during Hurricane Katrina-- and donations for Haiti are already coming in.

For those who can't give money-- Valley religious leaders said anyone can lend spiritual support.

Saint Rest is pledging 10-thousand dollars in emergency aid-- the Catholic Diocese of Fresno will be taking donations over the weekend.

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