Vigil for Fresno Man Killed in Bizarre Lover's Quarrel

FRESNO, Calif. But Thursday's vigil wasn't just about Thomas; people here also spoke about the woman police said killed him.

Singing and praying is how dozens of people celebrated the life of Sendy "Unopase" Thomas in Downtown Fresno Thursday night.

"And if he was here right Lord, he would tell us I'm okay, because he knows where he's at Lord."

The candlelight vigil was held on the same corner where Thomas was hit by a car and killed on Saturday. It was 8:30 in the morning when Fresno Police said his intoxicated girlfriend, 28-year-old Seneca Turner intentionally ran him over after the couple had an argument.

Thomas' cousin, Sharnice Norris said she was there when it happened. "Something that I just keep having flashbacks on. It's like a nightmare."

Her grief is shared by everyone who attended Thursday's vigil. At one point, the victim's mother collapsed in tears. And although the woman responsible for Thomas' death is facing murder charges, his friends and family said they pray for her too.

"I don't have any animosity; I don't have any hatred cause I know that would do no good no matter what. My brother is not here anymore. I'm praying for the young lady. I'm praying for her family. I'm praying for her friends as well as our own family because again the community has been affected, not just us."

"This is love, you know, you need this through a time like this."

Thomas' funeral service is this Saturday.

As for Seneca Turner, Action News has confirmed that the 28-year-old was charged this past year and accused of abusing her former spouse.

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