Valley Bikers Gather to Honor Accident Victim

FRESNO, Calif. "There's a lot people out here that love him he's a great guy. He was that kind of guy. Always joking around. Always had a smile on his face. If you had a problem he'd be the first guy to cheer you up and the way society is these days you need a lot of those guys." Hefferman said.

Fresno Police Lt. Joyce Vasquez said Ouimet was killed early Friday morning. He was on his Harley, riding alongside a friend on another bike, when he lost control in dense fog.

"Upon arrival we found a single motorcycle had gone down and the driver a white male in his 40's was deceased at the scene. We are still unclear as to what caused the accident." Vasquez said.

Merl Hefferman said it was just one of those things, "It was a little wet and the bike went a little sideways on him. Just accidents happen."

Craig Ouimet was 51 and from Fresno. Funeral arrangements are pending.

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