Clovis World War II Veteran Remembered

FRESNO, Calif. One Valley veteran's service to his country began even as his family was being sent to an internment camp in Arizona.

A young Californian enlistee would face some of the toughest battles in World War II as a member of the U.S. Army's Japanese-American regiment: the 442nd.

"They fought a very valid fight and, to protect our country," said Beverly Yatabe, daughter.

Jack Harada died in his Clovis home at the age of 89.

His daughter told us he and those he served with were unwavering in their devotion to the United States of America.

"Really dedicated to the fight for their country no matter what, even though their families were in relocation camps and there they were, fighting for their country," said Yatabe.

Evidence of their patriotism can be found in the Downtown Fresno Museum.

Maps, written accounts, Presidential Honors and in the young faces of other local Japanese Americans who also served.

In Northeast Fresno a monument dedicated last year stands as another reminder of the relocation of families like Jack Harada's whose loyalty was tested, too.

But as the Harada family prepared for his memorial service there was no bitterness or regret, only proud and fond memories of a life well lived before, during and after World War II.

"We should be proud of them. I'm real proud of all the Veterans who that fought in WWII," said Yatabe.

Jack Harada was among some 16 million Americans who wore the uniform of his country during World War II.

It's a generation that is rapidly shrinking.

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