Counterfeit Weight Loss Pill Warning

Fresno, CA The FDA has found counterfeit versions of the product Alli sold online, in 60 milligram capsules as part of a 120-count refill kit.

Tests showed it contained a controlled substance, sibutramine, which could interact in a harmful way with other medications.


-The LOT code information is missing from the top of the box

-The expiration date includes month, day and year (example: 06162010); The authentic alli expiration date includes only the month and year (example: 05/12)

-The seal on the bottle should read "SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION" in white ink on the GSK Alli bottle; This statement is not present on the fake product

-The capsule size is slightly larger in the counterfeit and the content inside of the capsule is different - the counterfeit content is powdery and the genuine product is more of a pellet shape.

Consumers who suspect they have purchased counterfeit Alli are urged to contact the FDA.

And visit the official Alli website for more information

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