2-month-old Rescued After 3 Days in Haiti

January 17, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Rescue crews in Haiti pulled a 3-year-old girl out of the rubble alive Sunday and they were working to get three more survivors they could hear in the same area. But as they search, the death toll is rising, up above 70,000 according to the prime minister.

The headline of the story Sunday was obvious. All you had to do was look up, where helicopters were busy. More aid was arriving and on that particular Sunday, it meant answered prayers for many.

In the midst of heartbreak, they sang "how great thou art." Some of them lost everything and all they have now is faith.

"We cannot lose our hope in God in spite of. God is there and sees us and is with us," said Rev. Gesnel Paul, Haitian Pastor.

As much as Sunday was about those who got saved there were also empty spaces in the pews, a solemn reminder of those who didn't. There was only singing today. No music. The church musicians both died.

"We have a lot of loss but what do we do? We must continue the work," said Rev Paul.

Fortunately prayer does not require a church. Some people walked all the way to their normal place of worship only to find rubble.

Still, there are miracles. Search and rescue crews saved one woman from the Montana hotel 103-hours after the massive earthquake. 28-year old Saint Helene Jean Louis was rescued from the rubble at the University of Port-au-Prince. And a baby, just two months old survived after being buried in a hillside collapse.

"It's unbelievable that after three and a half days in the rubble that this baby would still be alive," said Dr. Karen Schneider, Pediatric Emergency Physician.

Those who made it through the earthquake are still living without much food or water after five days.

"The priority now is to distribute high energy biscuits, water purification tablets, and ready to eat meals prepackaged," said David Orr, Public Information Officer for Haiti, World Food Program.

More than 250 tons of humanitarian aid arrived over the weekend. Helicopters continue to drop supplies.

And many Haitians are praying for more relief from above.

The Haitian government has set up 14 distribution points for food and the U .N. says it's already feeding 40,000 people. But frustrations over aid continue.