Power Crews Brace for More Outages Wednesday

FRESNO, Calif. The biggest outage happened Tuesday afternoon when a blackout at FYI caused delays at check-in, security, and baggage claim. Incoming flights weren't affected, but for nearly two hours, half of the airport operated without any lights or computers because a backup generator failed to come on.

The high winds also created a mess in Madera County, where nearly a dozen power poles along Road 36 snapped in two. "It was very "War of the Worlds" when they were coming down ... It was like a movie! Seriously, they were just, like, coming down ... just dropping," said Dawn Hilterbrand.

Hildebrand and her two sons got trapped in their SUV after one of the lines fell on her vehicle. But she did the right thing, staying in her car until fire and PG&E crews arrived. The outage knocked out power to nearly 90 homes and power isn't expected to be restored until Wednesday evening.

Power officials say stronger winds expected Wednesday could cause even more downed lines. "As a result of the grounds being saturated, when the winds pick up, that increases the likelihood of vegetation getting knocked over, potentially into power lines," said PG&E spokesperson Jeff Smith.

The power company sent out tweets to its customers Tuesday, telling them to be ready for an outage that could last several days. Power crews are also on standby. "It's all hands on deck, so to speak, in order to make sure we're ready to fully respond with all the personnel to whatever outages may occur," said Smith.

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