Visalia Man Part of Haiti Search and Rescue Team

FRESNO, Calif. Nellie and Isaias Rascon of Visalia have only heard bits and pieces of news of their son since he left for Haiti a week ago. But surfing cable news stations Monday night, they caught a glimpse of Chris.

Nellie Rascon yelled to her husband, "Honey, come here quick! That's Chris!"
Isaias responded, "No it's not!"
Nellie yelled back, "Put your glasses on! It's Chris!"

Chris Rascon is a graduate of Visalia's Redwood High. He is part of the L.A. County Fire Department's International Search and Rescue team. His team was one of the first three to respond to the earthquake.

On Monday Nellie and Isaias watched proudly as their son, who's six feet tall, crawl into a space less than a foot wide. He rescued a Haitian woman trapped in the rubble for five days. Getting in and out of small spaces is Chris Rascon's specialty.

Nellie said, "he's a confined space specialist ... he knows how to squeeze in there and get the job done ... he's like a rat."

Because of Rascon's special training, he can be sent anywhere - anytime. He was among the first responders after hurricane Katrina. Chris Rascon's job in Haiti won't be over until the last survivor is rescued. Until then, Nellie and Isaias will stay glued to their T.V. ... and pray.

Nellie said, "That's all we can do is pray ... that God will take care of him."

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