Rain, Hail, Thunder, and Lightning in the Valley

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Ken and Carol Magdaleno of Sunnyside came home from work to find their front yard filled with water. The couple rented a water truck to get all the water out, but it had already entered their garage. "By the time I got home the front yard was a river. I was up to... I'm a short guy, but I was up to my shin in water," said Ken Magdaleno.

The Magdalenos say they've dealt with the flooding before. They found themselves in the same scenario five years ago, after moving into their home. "I came home immediately. Because I knew we were going to be flooded," said Magdaleno.

Sunnyside wasn't the only area that flooded because of the rain. Drivers in northwest Fresno had to deal with several inches of water that fell during the afternoon rush hour.

In Madera Ranchos, drivers navigated through a combination of rain and hail after the area got pounded for nearly a half an hour. Residents say the sudden downpour brought the community to a standstill. "They were afraid to drive there was 2/3 inches of ice out here on the road. The parking lot was completely full," said Madera Ranchos business owner Marty Powell.

Hours later, roads and homes were still covered in several inches of hail and children did their best to throw snowballs made of hail.

By nightfall, the once wild weather had turned into showers in north Fresno. But for those who dealt with hail and flooding, the spring storm is one they won't soon forget.

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