All Roads to Yosemite are Closed, 1st Time Since 1997

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Rangers said icy conditions and fallen trees have made it too dangerous for people to go beyond the barriers. Some gave up and went home after a few hours, but one bus driver said he was waiting for the long haul.

Bus Driver Jim Witt said, "I've got a group of kids at the lodge, been waiting. We were supposed to have left here at 6:30 and been back at Riverside at 4:30 in the afternoon. Not gonna make it today!"

A snow plow escorted about 300 students on buses out of Yosemite late Friday afternoon. Rangers have been working to help other people out of the park. There's no word yet on when the roads will re-open.

Visitors are encouraged to call the 24-hour road information line before they head to the park. The number is 209-372-0200.

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