John and Elizabeth Edwards now legally separated

John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth (AP image)

January 27, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
ABC News has confirmed former presidential candidate John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth are legally separated.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Statement by Elizabeth Edwards

"Elizabeth is moving on with her life and wants to put this difficult chapter behind her. It was an excruciatingly painful period for her and she has no interest in rehashing the past. Based on the limited portions of the book that have been made available, it is clear it contains many falsehoods and exaggerations. She will not engage in a dialogue on each of the false charges, but would like to set the record straight on two key points. First, the allegation that she sought to politicize her cancer is unconscionable, hurtful and patently false. Second, she believed Andrew Young to be the father of this child until her husband confessed his paternity to her this past summer. She will have nothing further to say."
Statement by Senator John Edwards

"It is an extraordinarily sad moment, but I love my children more than anything and still care deeply about Elizabeth."
Last week, John Edwards admitted to fathering the child of former campaign worker Rielle Hunter.

ABC News reports John Edwards is no longer living in the family's Chapel Hill North Carolina home.

Under North Carolina law, the couple cannot divorce until they've been separated for one year.