City of Oakland considers ammunition restrictions

February 2, 2010 2:26:41 PM PST
The Oakland City Council will begin debate on a new policy that would increase restrictions on ammunition and gun sales in the city in hopes to curb deadly violence.

There are two sides to this debate. On one side are those who say 'we need to do something to reduce the amount of gun and ammunition sales in Oakland,' and on the other side, there are people that say 'there are no legal gun or ammunition sales in this city.

Many say that something needs to get done because deadly crime happens too often. Oakland has one of the highest incidents of homicide in the U.S.

The bill about to be discussed at the Oakland City Council would require a thumbprint for ammunition purchases. It would also allow the chief of police to regulate firearms dealers, as to who can sell them as well as impose tight rules on ammunition storage and record keeping.

It is a law similar to what Richmond already has and there appears to be no reduction in violence in that city.

Critics say there are no ammunition dealers in Oakland, except, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, a police officer, who doesn't sell to the general public.

Another problem, they say, is a state law going to effect next year that will impose similar rules ? requiring a thumbprint for ammunition purchases. This rule would even go farther, since it would require people buying ammunition online, that ammunition will need to be shipped to a gun and ammunition dealer and then you give that person your thumbprint.

Some people do feel this would be a step in the right direction and are looking forward to talking about it.